Asphalt Sealing | Asphalt Repair | Basketball Courts | Tennis Courts | Running Tracks | Berrien County
Asphalt Sealing | Asphalt Repair | Basketball Courts | Tennis Courts | Running Tracks | Berrien County
Asphalt Sealing | Asphalt Repair | Basketball Courts | Tennis Courts | Running Tracks | Berrien County
Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing
Cracks in asphalt are caused by: oxidation, drying out and shrinking of asphalt, poor installation, water penetration and the freeze/thaw cycle in cold climates. Proper crack sealing will provide seal between asphalt and the sub-surface to prevent water from penetrating and causing costly asphalt repairs.
Routing of cracks prior to sealing provides a clean, uniform reservoir for the crack sealant to ensure the proper amount is in every crack and bonds to the sidewall. Routing is only available on commercial properties that have not been sealed with hot rubber previously.
Crack sealing is not cost effective on webbed or badly cracked areas.
Asphalt pavement starts to oxidize and dry out after being installed. Sealcoating is the first step involved in protecting your asphalt investment. Sealer provides a protective barrior on the pavement surface and slows down oxidation and deterioration. We recommend that asphalt pavement be sealed after going through one winter and then every 2-3 years depending on traffic volume and winter snow plow damage.
Sealcoating Benefits
  • Protects and preserves the asphalt pavement
  • Saves money in cleaning and snow removal costs
  • Lasts Longer - approximately 300% with regular maintenance
  • Stops raveling of aggregate
  • Beautifies pavement - the 'like new' appearance
  • Improves safety of the asphalt
    Our Coatings Also Resist and Help Protect Against:
  • Oil & Grease
  • Gasoline/Petrolium
  • De-icing salts
  • Ultraviolet sun damage
    Sealer can be applied by spray, squeegee, or brush method depending on the surface and individual needs of the customer. We add sand to the sealer for skid resistance and durability, and latex additives to reinforce the properties of the sealer and to help the sealer dry faster. Additives also increases flexibility and toughness and improves gas, oil and chemical resistance.
    Sealers, like contractors, are not all the same. Arnt Asphalt Sealing manufactures STARSEAL Pavement Saver (Great Lakes Coatings). Our quality control insures that all of the material applied by our trained professionals is mixed to desired specifications and application rate.
    Line Striping
    We offer line striping on new layout and restriping of existing lots both freshly sealed and unsealed. Our staff can help you with handicap striping, signs and symbols and with problem areas.
    Additional Services Offered
  • Manhole Repair
        Complete rebuilds including brick/block and castings
  • Sweeping/Vacuuming
        Modern air regenerative vacuum truck
        Regular scheduling available






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